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Understanding Palliative Care in the Disability Sector

Understanding Palliative Care in the Disability Sector

February 15, 2024

Understanding Palliative Care in the Disability Sector


As a provider of services to people with Disability we often find ourselves working with individuals who have degenerative conditions which will ultimately shorten their expected life span.  Our Service Coordinator Kylie Hanna has undertaken a number of workshops and training opportunities to learn more about supporting people with disability who have degenerative conditions.

Here Kylie shares her insights.

Palliative care, often shrouded in misconceptions, deserves clarification and recognition for its profound impact on individuals facing terminal illnesses. Contrary to common belief, palliative care does not solely commence in the final stages of life but rather at the onset of a terminal diagnosis, aiming to enhance the person's well-being and alleviate suffering throughout their journey. It encompasses a comprehensive approach beyond end-of-life care, addressing complex conditions and managing pain effectively. By advocating for early access to palliative care services, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of their condition and access the necessary support. Moreover, palliative care extends beyond physical aspects, embracing emotional and psychological dimensions, including grief management, through a holistic interdisciplinary approach.

Another vital aspect often overlooked is the importance of Advance Care Directives, a taboo yet essential conversation highlighted in educational sessions by Palliative Care SA. These directives empower individuals to articulate their preferences, ensuring care aligns with their values and wishes. By engaging in conversations and completing Advance Care Directive Forms, individuals can assert control over their healthcare decisions, fostering a sense of control and dignity in their end-of-life journey.

Envisioning a future where discussions surrounding palliative care and advance directives are not taboo but embraced as a natural part of life is essential for fostering a more compassionate and informed society. By normalising these crucial stages, we can empower individuals to openly express their needs and preferences regarding end-of-life care, ultimately promoting dignity, autonomy, and quality of life for all.

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