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Support Coordination


Support Coordination


Support Coordination

MAP Support Coordination services are delivered by a diverse team of individuals with a range of expertise, knowledge and lived experience. They will work with you to identify the right mix of supports and make the best use of your funded supports in your plan. Support Coordination is a capacity building support that will assist you to understand your NDIS plan and engage the right NDIS providers and services based on your circumstances, needs and preferences.

Your Support Coordinator can also utilise your funding to assist you in finding suitable independent home and living supports.

Specialist Support Coordination

MAP offers Specialist Support Coordination to people with more complex needs. The focus is on reducing complexity in the support environment and helping to overcome immediate and significant barriers. Our specialist support coordinators identify and understand the obstacles impacting an individual’s ability to access, use and maintain their support, leading them to find and try solutions to address these barriers.


MAP Support Coordination




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