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Starting your day on a positive note - Managing the morning routine.

Starting your day on a positive note - Managing the morning routine.

March 07, 2024

Getting out of the house in the morning can be challenging for parents, child/ren and the whole family dynamic.  It's not easy to find the balance between everyone contributing to their own routine as well as staying on task, no matter what the makeup of your family is.  

The following are a few suggestions that can help you and your family walk out the door with everything everyone needs and a smile on your face (hopefully). 

  1. Prepare the night before: Encourage children to lay out their clothes, pack their bags, and organise any necessary items (like homework or sports equipment) the night before to minimise morning stress. If your child has favourite toys and trinkets that helps them to face the day make sure they are readily available. 

  1. Establish a consistent routine: Aim to set clear wake-up and departure times for each child, allowing ample time for morning tasks such as dressing, breakfast, and grooming. Every child is different so consider their preferred ways of waking, this could be music, opening the curtains or bringing in a family pet. 

  1. With your child/ren create a visual schedule: Develop a chart or visual aids with your child to outline the morning routine, breaking down tasks into manageable steps. Encourage children to check off each task as they complete it, this will foster a sense of achievement and pride, setting the day up for success. 

  1. Offer encouragement: Motivate children by encouraging them and acknowledging their achievements of timeliness and cooperation. If a child is uncooperative and resistant ask questions about the day ahead, this could uncover concerns they have or other feelings about the day (like feeling anxious about a presentation they need to do, or school yard issues). 

  1. Lead by example: Show a positive attitude towards morning responsibilities yourself, this can help in modelling the behaviour you expect from your children.


  3. Families can be complicated and diverse, encouraging open communication and addressing challenges or concerns as a family can help maintain a supportive, happy and healthy family environment. 


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