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Workplace Culture and measuring `Happiness`

Workplace Culture and measuring `Happiness`

October 06, 2023

At MAP we know that our people are the most important part of what we do.  A positive and happy team enables MAP to deliver quality services to our clients. Our people’s happiness is based on the workplace culture, which was defined by Linda Smirich (1983) as shared values and attitudes and the shared experiences that validate them.  We hold strong to our values in the decisions we make, services we create and deliver, and people we recruit. Helpful, Active, Connected, Adaptive, Supportive.

To continually gauge our staff’s happiness, we undertake regular ‘Happiness Surveys’ along with qualitative research.  This will provide the feedback we need to continually improve the workplace systems, safety and culture. We were thrilled with the results of a recent ‘Happiness Survey’, with a 40% response rate and average score of 8.9/10 we know we are on the right track. In saying that no business is perfect as is no individual, but we will continue to seek feedback, be adaptive, take action and ensure our workforce is safe, happy, connected and supported.





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