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What is a Support Coordinators Role

What is a Support Coordinators Role

April 14, 2023

What is a support coordinators role?

Support coordinators have a varied role in your NDIS journey. Our role changes and adapts to what your needs are during your NDIS experience. These are best described as four steps.


Step #1- Welcome to the possibilities

Whether you are new to the NDIS or have a new plan, your support coordinator will work with you to help identify and understand what supports are available in your NDIS plan. We will provide you with a choice of supports and services you can access to achieve your goals.


Step #2- Skill Building

Support coordinators provide information and connections to increase your understanding of the NDIS. This may be finding answers to questions or supporting you know how to self-manage your NDIS plan. Everybody receives their own individualised support.


Step #3- Life Planning

Life changes, and your supports may need to change to fit your new circumstances better. Support coordinators help you plan for changes and prepare for unexpected emergencies.


Step #4- Review and reset.

Support coordinators gather information about your supports for your plan review, when it is time for your review meeting your support coordinator will have all the necessary information ready.

We’ll help you review your plan, any goals you have achieved and any changes in your life that may mean a change to your supports. We can also find new service providers if you would like to change.



Once you receive a new NDIS plan, we return to Step #1 and start again.





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