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Kym and Leanne

Kym and Leanne

February 10, 2023

Love’s role in the commitment to care for another.

Kym and Leanne have been married for 26 years, and their love for each other has seen them overcome many hurdles together. Leanne's condition added another layer to their relationship; Kym became a carer. Kym has been providing support to Leanne that helps her manage the reduced mobility that impacts her daily activities. 2.65 million people in Australia, like Kym, provide care or support to a loved one with a disability.

To support these vital relationships, organisations like My Ability Pathway (MAP) provide opportunities for people with disability to have time away. Short Term, Accommodation & Respite properties allow people with disability to pursue goals and build on their independence. At the same time, the break helps nurture relationships with loved ones who play a significant part in their lives.



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