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Accessibility Matters - Making events accessible.

Accessibility Matters - Making events accessible.

December 07, 2023

Accessibility Matters!

On Sunday, the 3rd of December (International Day of People with Disability),  My Ability Pathway (MAP) presented the Festival of Connection to a crowd of over 100 people in the Tanunda Town Square. It was a music festival designed to unite people and create community connections. Accessibility and inclusion were the motivation for the event.


On a small budget and with a short timeline, MAP was able to create an event that was accessible to people with disability. Auslan interpreters were front and centre with the bands, interpreting the theme and sound of the music. Braille price lists gave the information needed to purchase from any of the suppliers. A chill zone provided a space where people with sensory needs could step away whilst still being in a safe and visual area. Additional disability parking places and accessible toilets ensured people in wheelchairs could attend.   There was laughter, dancing and conversation. Strangers came together from around the state and shared in a time of connection; inclusion was the element of the day.

As the day wrapped up, MAP representative Tari Wagland posed some thought-provoking questions for business owners. “With hundreds of events being held across the state, bringing income to their businesses, why aren't they putting accessibility at the top of their event planning?” Tari asked, “It only takes a few emails to arrange Braille documents to be delivered to the door; Auslan Interpreters can be booked easily with a quick call; creating a chill zone for people with sensory needs to relax takes minimal effort, it is not hard, businesses just need to do it! Be inclusive.”


At MAP, accessibility and inclusion matter. We will continue our work as change leaders by educating people and highlighting accessibility issues, in doing this we will continue to build community connection for people with disability.



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